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Dynamic Spine Center in Newnan

Doctor with hand on patient shoulderWhether you’re an avid Cross-Fitter, runner, cyclist, triathlete or parent who wants more energy to play with your kids, we want to help keep you moving and feel fantastic at Dynamic Spine Center! At our recently opened Newnan location, chiropractor Dr. Logan Hart and his team provide an array of chiropractic techniques to help you be your best.

Sure, we provide care for MLB and NFL players. However, we also see plenty of patients who are looking to get out of pain and improve their function. As everyone has muscles and joints, patients of every age and activity level can benefit from chiropractic care!

The new LINC trail of Newnan begins in our parking lot. This trail will be 28 miles long upon completion. We always have water in stock, so feel free to stop in.

Relax in Our Spacious Oasis of Healing

Our Newnan location in the Summer Grove neighborhood at Market Square has approximately 2,700 square feet of space. This location features walls painted in soothing saltwater colors of blue and gray. You’ll feel relaxed and ready to begin your journey to healing and better health. Here, we have a completely open office.

Get Started Today

Whether you’re looking to up your game or take your health to the next level, we want to help. Contact our practice today to book an appointment with Dr. Hart!

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